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The Production Manager’s Complete Guide to:

August 2016

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The Production Manager’s Complete Guide to:

The integration of 3DP into established production workflows can be challenging to say the least. There are dozens of elements to factor in, even before beginning to look at the most appropriate 3D printing technology and materials to adopt for a particular circumstance.  Bearing all this in mind SmarTech Publishing has developed this “Complete Guide,” which is intended to ease the path to 3DP implementation:

  • Rather than being just another basic guide to 3DP, this report is an extensive assessment of the key factors that must be considered when implementing 3DP
  • It is based on SmarTech Publishing’s insider perspective of 3DP use today and our years of analyzing where 3DP is headed in the future.  The opinions included in the report are therefore grounded in real world user experience and draw on our extensive interviews of existing 3DP users both large and small.  And in order to provide further clarity, this report contains numerous examples and case studies covering how 3DP is being used effectively today
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The Production Manager’s Complete Guide to:

July 2016

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The Production Manager’s Complete Guide to:

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) is revolutionizing the manufacture of many products in aerospace, medical and dental, and jewelry to name a few. 

Over the next decade, the implementation of metal additive manufacturing (AM) will complete the transition from a purely R&D activity to a full distributed manufacturing process. Understanding the advantages and challenges that this will present, and knowing the companies, and materials that will make it possible is imperative for any process and production manager that wants to take full advantage of this evolution.

This Guide is an accessible entry point for production managers into the world of metal additive manufacturing and is focused specifically on the requirements and practical aspects of implementing metals printing including providing direction on equipment choice, process integration and materials selection.

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