Published August 2018
Report # SMP-AM-POLY-EXT-0818

Polymer material extrusion technology is the most widely adopted in terms of annual unit sales and installed printers at professional user sites, and as a result represents one of the most important areas of the polymer 3D printing industry. In 2018, the polymer additive manufacturing market is increasingly segmented between several leading print processes, all.....

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Published July 2018
Report # SMP-AM-POLY-0718

This new report on additive manufacturing with polymers and plastics is the fourth in an ongoing annual series produced by SmarTech Publishing.  The report tracks the market progress by key polymer printing technology segment, based on the growing industry support of multidisciplinary polymer printing strategies. This report features deep dive analysis and market data in.....

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Published June 2018
Report # SMP-AM-AUTO-0618

In 2016, SmarTech Publishing released the most complete and thorough analysis and forecast of  automotive additive manufacturing. Two years later many new events have continued to propel the use of 3D printing technology into the future of automotive production. This new 200-page 2018 report confirms the 2016 forecast, while also expanding it  with new high-value.....

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Published April 2018
Report # SMP-AM-AMMP-0418

Metal powder additive manufacturing continued its disruptive journey in 2017, largely overcoming some major challenges and seeing faster than anticipated movement into true serial production applications which spurred another year of healthy growth despite temporary slowdowns experienced at the end of 2016. Now the metal powder additive manufacturing market appears to be entering its next.....

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Published March 2018
Report # SMP-AM-AMPM-0318

In this new report SmarTech Publishing maps and quantifies the use of precious metals in additive manufacturing. The report differentiates between alloys used as atomized powders for powder bed fusion processes and those (mainly silver) used as nanoparticle inks for 3D printed electronics. The report further breaks down its analysis and forecasts for specific alloys including.....

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Published February 2018
Report # SMP-AM-ALUMINUM-18-0118

In this new report, SmarTech Publishing maps and quantifies the use of aluminum alloys in additive manufacturing. The report differentiates between alloys that were originally developed for die-casting applications (and are now being optimized for AM) and a new family of AM-specific alloys such as the popular new Scalmalloy supplied by APWorks (Airbus) and its.....

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Published January 2018
Report # SMP-AM-CONSTUCT18-0118

Additive manufacturing in construction could represent as large an opportunity for additive manufacturing as the entire industrial and medical manufacturing industries combined. While the technology is still young, billion-dollar deals have already been signed, bringing these technologies intro futuristic construction projects worldwide. As the technologies progress and the industry rapidly expands, some of the largest.....

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Published January 2018
Report # SMP-3D-18DENTAL-0118

In 2017, 3D printing went mainstream in the dental industry. A number of high profile business ventures and acquisitions have continued to propel dental applications utilizing 3D printing technologies firmly into the sights of the largest dental services and solutions providers in the world. As the additive industry continues to transition, as a whole, towards.....

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Published November 2017
Report # SMP-AM-OG-2017-112017

In 2016 SmarTech released the first ever in-depth analysis of additive manufacturing for the Oil and Gas industry. Our conclusion was the that this sector would become a major adopter of additive adopter of additive manufacturing technologies.  Our 2017 report on this topic shows that our projections were correct.   GE is now actively printing a.....

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Published November 2017
Report # SMP-AM-MD2017-1117

As the medical 3D printing segment continues to evolve in ways which set it apart from the rest of the rapid prototyping and industrial additive manufacturing markets, interest in apply various technologies into the fabrication of medical devices has grown significantly. On the success of the orthopedic implants, surgical guide, and dental segments, now other.....

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