Published March 2014
Report # SMP-AM-AERO-0314

The aerospace is regularly discussed as one of the largest opportunities for additive manufacturing (AM) over the next decade. These discussions point to the sizeable demand in the aerospace industry for high-value, metal parts that are as complex as they are compact. This demand creates large opportunities to design, produce, and supply parts manufactured with.....

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Published January 2014
Report # SMP-BPM-0114

Bio-printing is a young but emerging field of study, whose ramifications are increasingly commercial. Promises of 3D-printed organs may catch the attention of the media, but the time has come for the wider market to take notice as well. More imminent applications of bio-printing technology will drive growth and galvanize bio-printing into a real industry.....

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Published December 2013
Report # SMP-3D-MDM-1213

3D printing has already found substantial traction in the dental implant and hearing aid business and SmarTech believes that the prospects for many other uses of 3D printing in the medical/dental market are rosy.  There are numerous applications in the healthcare field where highly customized products, such as implants, must be created quickly.  3D printing fits such.....

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Published November 2013
Report # SMP-3D-LVM-1113

In this report, SmarTech identifies the opportunities emerging for the 3D printing industry from short-run manufacturing.  Already many rapid prototyping firms have moved in this direction, producing tens, hundreds or even thousands of a particular part or model. As we see it, 3D printing has a special role to play in the low-volume manufacturing space.  It brings.....

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Published October 2013
Report # SMP-3D-PM-1013

After many years as a niche technology for rapid prototyping, 3D printing has suddenly emerged as manufacturing technology with a thousand uses spread across a very diverse user base.  Possible and actual users of 3D printers now include everyone from hobbyists to dentists to jewelers to giant aerospace firms. SmarTech sees these trends as creating an.....

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Published August 2013
Report # SMP-3D-PP-0813

Almost 70,000 personal 3D printers will be sold in 2013, with personal 3D printing being hailed by some as the “next big thing” — almost as disruptive as the personal computing revolution itself.  Big name companies – Microsoft, Staples and UPS – are also making investments. But the other side of the 3D printing story.....

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Published July 2013
Report # SMP-3D-HHS-0713

3D printing, actually a technology with a fairly long history, is suddenly being touted as a dramatic new market opportunity.  President Obama mentioned 3D printing in his State of the Union speech as a way to revitalize the US manufacturing sector.  Meanwhile, industry journalists insist that the “Maker” movement is the next Home Brew Computer.....

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Published February 2013
Report # SMP-AR-0213

This new report from SmarTech Markets Publishing provides a comprehensive and granular ten-year forecast for revenue generation – from hardware, software and advertising services — in the expanding Augmented Reality (AR) market.  It also assesses the latest business models being put forward by leading edge AR firms and analyzes existing AR applications to understand their success and.....

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