Published July 2018
Report # SMP-AM-POLY-0718

This new report on additive manufacturing with polymers and plastics is the fourth in an ongoing annual series produced by SmarTech Publishing.  The report tracks the market progress by key polymer printing technology segment, based on the growing industry support of multidisciplinary polymer printing strategies. This report features deep dive analysis and market data in.....

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Published January 2018
Report # SMP-AM-CONSTUCT18-0118

Additive manufacturing in construction could represent as large an opportunity for additive manufacturing as the entire industrial and medical manufacturing industries combined. While the technology is still young, billion-dollar deals have already been signed, bringing these technologies intro futuristic construction projects worldwide. As the technologies progress and the industry rapidly expands, some of the largest.....

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Published November 2017

Patents are a significant issue for the additive manufacturing sector.  While patent expiration has played a strong role in the overall growth of the industry many 3D printers (from the filament, to the printer heads, software, and circuitry) and 3DP materials are covered by or subject to considerable intellectual property (IP) protection. And the filing.....

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Published August 2016
Report # SMP-PATENT-3DPP-0816

Polymer-based 3D printing has been mainstay of 3D printing/additive manufacturing since its inception.  It still represents the overwhelming majority of activity for low-cost 3D printers and continues to grow rapidly.  In addition, 3D printing has expanded to cover an extraordinarily wide variety of polymers. SmarTech Publishing has already published widely on the growing market opportunities available.....

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Published August 2016
Report # SMP-EU-3DPT-0816

The integration of 3DP into established production workflows can be challenging to say the least. There are dozens of elements to factor in, even before beginning to look at the most appropriate 3D printing technology and materials to adopt for a particular circumstance.  Bearing all this in mind SmarTech Publishing has developed this “Complete Guide,” which is.....

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Published July 2016
Report # SMP-EU-3DPM-0716

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) is revolutionizing the manufacture of many products in aerospace, medical and dental, and jewelry to name a few. Over the next decade, the implementation of metal additive manufacturing (AM) will complete the transition from a purely R&D activity to a full distributed manufacturing process. Understanding the advantages and challenges that this.....

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Published March 2016
Report # SMP-PR-3DPM-0316

Metals-based 3D printing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the 3D printing business.  SmarTech has already published widely on the growing market opportunities available in this space.  Building on our extensive knowledge and understanding of this area we are now offering a report on the patent landscape presented by 3D-printed metals. Coverage This.....

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Published February 2013
Report # SMP-AR-0213

This new report from SmarTech Markets Publishing provides a comprehensive and granular ten-year forecast for revenue generation – from hardware, software and advertising services — in the expanding Augmented Reality (AR) market.  It also assesses the latest business models being put forward by leading edge AR firms and analyzes existing AR applications to understand their success and.....

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