3D Printing in Dentistry 2018: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast

3D Printing in Dentistry 2018: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast

Publish Date: January 8, 2018
In 2017, 3D printing went mainstream in the dental industry. A number of high profile business ventures and acquisitions have continued to propel dental applications utilizing 3D printing technologies firmly into the sights of the largest dental services and solutions providers in the world. As the additive industry continues to transition, as a whole, towards manufacturing applications, the growth path for most existing polymer print technologies has faltered somewhat by historical comparison. This has allowed for well established, high value applications in healthcare to really shine and earn major focus of stakeholders in the industry. 
Dentists worldwide continue to leverage digital workflows and manufacturing processes, having long since identified that digital dentistry represents the future of the industry. Indeed, 3D printing is well positioned to become the leading digital process in dental fabrication worldwide given its flexibility in efficient and accurate production of everything from dental models, to orthodontic aligners, to PFM restorations, to denture frameworks and beyond. 
This third dedicated study expands coverage to consider the greater transformative potential of 3D printing in dentistry, which is in better enabling dental treatment by bringing personalized device fabrication closer to the point of care -in the dentist's office. Included in this comprehensive report are the following:
  • Ten-year 3D printing opportunity and market data forecasts in volume and value terms. These cover hardware, materials, software, and services

  • Expanded market data to include key metrics at a country level, better capturing the cultural attitudes towards advanced digital dental care and approaches to implementation

  • Expanded market data to include key metrics by end-user profile, including dental caregivers and dental laboratories/production centers

  • An updated version of SmarTech's innovative "Comprehensive Guide to Dental 3D Printing Solutions" which features the most complete evaluation of available dental printers and materials

  • The latest trailing twelve month activity and competitive analysis to reflect the rapidly evolving landscape in which major dental providers are now interfacing directly with printer manufacturers, materials companies, and solutions developers

All in all, this is the most extensive exploration of where the opportunities will be found in additive manufactured dental products in the next decade.  It will be regarded as essential reading for everyone in the value chain for 3D-printed products.
Chapter One – Interfacing with the Dental Industry and Trailing Twelve Month Market Review
1.1 State of Digital Dentistry Adoption Worldwide and Trends in Dental Care
1.1.1 North America – U.S. & Canada
1.1.2 Western and Central Europe
1.1.3 Asia Pacific – China, Japan, Australia, Korea
1.1.4 Rest of World – Middle East, Israel, India
1.1.5 Ongoing Dental Market Trends Affecting Adoption of 3D Printing and Digital Processes
1.2 The Market Landscape for Dental 3D Printing Technology
1.2.1 Established Market: 3D Printing Opportunities in the Laboratory and Dental Production Center
1.2.2 Emerging Opportunity: 3D Printing Opportunities in the Dental Office and Oral Surgery Clinics
1.3 Trailing Twelve Month Market Activity Updates
1.3.1 3D Printing Entering the Mainstream of Dental Care
1.3.2 Major Dental Printing Product Announcements – Printers, Materials, and Business Relationships
1.3.3 New Applications for Advanced Dental Care Using 3D Printing
1.4 Exploring Relationships Between Additive Digital Dentistry Solutions and Incumbent Subtractive Solutions
1.5 Latest Evolutions in 3D Printing Solutions and Their Potential Impact on Dental 3DP Markets
1.5.1 Introduction of Competing Processes and Low Cost Technologies for the Office and In-house Laboratory
1.5.2 Development and Commercialization of Continuous Photopolymerization Processes
1.5.3 Ongoing Efforts in Ceramic 3D Printing and 3D Printed Zirconia Restorations
1.6 Summary of Latest Outlook for Dental 3D Printing and Penetration Analysis
1.6.1 Outlook for Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions in Global Dental Markets
1.6.2 Outlook for Non-Metal 3D Printing Solutions in Global Dental Markets
1.6.3 Summary of Penetration Analysis for Dental 3D Printing
Chapter Two: The 2018 Comprehensive Dental 3D Printing Hardware and Materials Guide
2.1 Ongoing Considerations for Hardware Development for Dental 3D Printing
2.1.1 Polymer Printing Technology Development Considerations
2.1.2 Metal Printing Technology Development Considerations
2.2 Primary Polymer Dental 3D Print Processes: Professional Photopolymerization Technologies
2.2.1 High-Speed Photopolymerization and its Impact on Dental 3D Printing Applications
2.2.2 Leading Systems by Product Class and New Releases
2.2.3 Analysis of Available Dental Printing Materials (UV- Sensitive Resins)
2.2.4 Analysis of Photopolymerization Hardware Metrics
2.3 Primary Polymer Dental 3D Print Processes: Material Jetting
2.3.1 Leading Systems by Product Class and New Releases
2.3.2 Comparing Polyjet, SCP, and MultiJet Printing Product Lines for Dental Applications
2.3.3 Analysis of Available Dental Printing Materials (Jettable Resins)
2.3.4 Analysis of Material Jetting Hardware Metrics
2.4 Primary Metal Dental 3D Print Processes: Metal Powder Bed Fusion
2.4.1 Analysis of Metal Powder Bed Fusion Hardware Market Metrics
2.5 Entities and Technologies Supporting Ceramic Dental 3D Printing
Chapter Three: Evolution in Dental 3D Printing Applications
3.1 Applications for the Dental Office
3.1.1 In-Office Modeling
3.1.2 Printed Temporary Restorations and Related Applications
3.1.3 3D-Printed Dental Surgical Guides
3.1.4 Value-Added 3D-Printed Orthodontic Devices (Trays, Splints, Guards)
3.2 Applications for the Laboratory and Production Center
3.2.1 3D-printed Wax Molds for Investment Casting of Dental Restorations
3.2.2 Standard Stone Models and Ortho Models
3.2.3 Clear Dental Aligners and Aligner Forming Tools
3.2.4 Polymer Denture Applications (Bases, Waxups, etc.)
3.2.5 Metal Dental Restorations (Crown and Bridge)
3.2.6 Printed Dental Implant Applications
3.2.7 Removable Partial Denture Frameworks
3.3 Specialty and Emerging Applications for the Future
3.3.1 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances
Chapter Four: Analysis of the Dental 3D Printing Competitive Landscape in 2018
4.1 Competitive Trends in 2017 Shaping the Future Landscape
4.2 Analysis of Primary Dental 3D Printing Solutions Market – Hardware and Materials
4.3 Analysis of Supporting Dental 3D Printing Software Market
Chapter Five: Ten Year Dental 3D Printing Market Forecasts
5.1 Discussion of Methodology
5.2 Ten-Year Forecasts of Key Dental 3D Printing Market Opportunities and Metrics
5.2.1 Rollup of Opportunity Forecasts by Country
5.2.2 Rollup of Opportunity Forecasts by User Group (Dental Office versus Labor/Production Center)
5.3 Ten-Year Forecasts of Dental 3D Printing Hardware Shipments and Installations
5.3.1 Country Level Hardware Forecasts
5.4 Ten-Year Forecasts of 3D Printing Materials Consumed by Dental Applications
5.4.1 Metal Powder Material Forecasts
5.5 Ten-Year Forecasts of Dental 3D Printing Services and Software
5.5.1 Dental 3D Printing Software Opportunities
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