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SmarTech Markets Publishing delivers industry analysis and market forecasts for the 3D printing/additive manufacturing industry. Our coverage provides insight for those companies offering 3D printing services, materials and software sectors, as well as those that make the 3D printers themselves

SmarTech Markets Publishing is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector.  We have published reports on most of the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing sector including personal printers, low-volume manufacturing, 3D printing materials, medical/dental markets and other promising 3D market segments.

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You can be assured on the high-quality of the analysis based on our years in business and the many leading firms who have bought from us.

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SmarTech Publishing offers customised consulting that provides clients with analysis and forecasts that go beyond what is available in our published reports.

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From novice enthusiasts to business innovators, 3D printing technology will explode worldwide and allow designers and engineers over the globe to reimagine their work and bring new ideas to life.

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Our test-driven way assures the standard of data by incremental releases, competence, and experience.

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We provide information and crucial support that 3D printing firms needing to make patent-related decisions. SmarTech has already published widely on the growing market opportunities available in this space.

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From novice enthusiasts to business innovators, 3D printing technology will explode worldwide and allow designers and engineers over the globe to reimagine their work and bring new ideas to life.

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Additive Manufacturing Automotive Forecast ($millions)

SmarTech’s latest additive manufacturing automotive forecast sees the market reaching $5.3 billion in 2023 then climbing to $12.6 billion in 2023. With over 12 billions in expected global yearly revenues by 2028, adoption by the automotive segment for production is going to mark an inflection point for AM. This is now taking place. Although it.....
Published June 2018

Refractory Metals, An Emerging Potential Growth Area

Published May 2018

Evolution of the Powder Supply Chain Business Model

Published May 2018

Total Projected Bound Metal Printing AM Market Share, Material Shipments and Hardware Revenues, 2017 v. 2027

Published May 2018

Technology Opportunities in Metal Additive Manufacturing for Hardware

Published May 2018

Ten Year Revenues for Additive Manufacturing of Precious Metals and Parts Produced ($USM) 2017 – 2028

SmarTech Publishing has just issued a new report that examines the current market for precious metal alloys in additive manufacturing (AM). SmarTech expects the overall market for precious alloys in AM to become a major segment in metal 3D printing, with materials revenues alone topping $250 million by 2028 and overall PMAM related revenues nearing $2.....
Published March 2018

Total Alumimum AM Powder Revenues by Application Segment $ millions US 2017 – 2028

SmarTech expects the market for aluminum alloys in AM to become a major segment in metal 3D printing, with materials revenues alone topping $300 million by 2028.
Published February 2018

Value of Selected 3D Printed Medical Device Components

SmarTech Says 3D Printing Technologies to Significantly Disrupt Business Models and Process Chains in Orthotics and Prosthetics Market, Impact 35 Percent of All Medical Devices by 2027 Crozet,
Published December 2017

Elements of Next-Generation 3D Printed Software

3D Printing Combining with Medical Imaging Technology, Software, to Create $1.5B Personalized Surgery Market by 2027
Published December 2017

Ceramics Additive Manufacturing Market Forecasts

SmarTech projects the yearly value of additive manufactured parts in several segments of industrial manufacturing and end-use consumer products to surpass $2 billion by 2027, driving the overall Ceramics AM segment to over $3 billion in generated revenues and value, including AM hardware, materials and services.
Published November 2017


Our Team

John Hornick is SmarTech’s Senior Analyst for 3D Printing Intellectual Property.  John served as a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of the Finnegan IP law firm (one of the largest IP firms in the world) for 25 years, where he litigated close to 100 IP cases and negotiated hundreds of settlements. John founded Finnegan’s 3D.....
John Hornick
Robert Nolan serves as the Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer for SmarTech and an industry professional with over 25 years of experience in marketing research and information services marketing, sales and business development. He has worked extensively in high tech and emerging markets in the areas of electronics, high networking, digital entertainment, advanced materials and.....
Robert Nolan
Lawrence Gasman is the founder of SmarTech Markets Publishing and is acknowledged worldwide as an expert on technology forecasting. He has previously founded two other industry analyst firms and has also carried out a wide range of technology assessments in areas ranging from optical networking to advanced materials to augmented reality.
Lawrence Gasman
Scott Dunham is Vice President of Research at SmarTech Markets Publishing, bringing with him years of research experience in the areas of advanced manufacturing and 3D printing. Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and research from the University of Kentucky’s Gatton School of Business & Economics, and has been a featured speaker at 3D.....
Scott Dunham
Vice President of Research
Davide Sher is Senior Analyst, 3DP Adoption Studies at SmarTech Markets Publishing and has built an extensive experience as a technology journalist and communication consultant. Davide was born in Milan, Italy and spent 12 years in the United States, where he received his BA from SUNY Stony Brook. He now lives in Milan and collaborates.....
Davide Sher
Senior Analyst, Europe
Missy Wade is the Vice President of Sales and Content for SmarTech Publishing. She has had over 20 years of experience in administrative, sales and medical fields. Missy coordinates all sales activity at SmarTech Publishing and works closely with clients to ensure that they get the products and services that they need. Missy also manages.....
Missy Wade
Vice President of Sales and Content

Latest News

Publish On Jun 20 2018

SmarTech Issues New Report on Automotive Additive Manufacturing Market, Sees $5.3 billion Market in 2023

Crozet, Virginia: Industry analyst firm SmarTech Publishing has just issued a new report that examines the current market for automotive additive manufacturing market including prototyping and tooling applications while focusing specifically on production of final parts. In the new report, SmarTech expects the overall automotive additive manufacturing market to reach $5.3 billion in revenues in 2023 and then grow to an impressive $12.4 billion US by 2028. Additional details of the report titled, “Additive Manufacturing in Automotive 2018” are available at: From the Report: With over $12 billion in expected annual global revenues by 2028, adoption of AM by the automotive segment for production purposes is going to mark an inflection point for the additive manufacturing. While the market remains focused on prototyping and tooling, ...

Latest Reports



Metal Additive

Smartech Metal Additive Manufacturing Research And Advisory Service

Additive manufacturing (AM) of metals is changing the future of manufacturing, delivering on the promises of digital manufacturing and mass customization and providing supply chain improvements with on-demand strategies. Many of the world’s metals firms are now diverting long term investments to AM-oriented manufacturing. The SmarTech Metal Additive Manufacturing Research & Advisory Service is the.....
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Polymer Additive

Smartech Polymer Additive Manufacturing Research And Advisory Service

Additive manufacturing (AM) of polymers is where the 3D printing industry began. But this sector is profoundly changing as it shifts from a prototyping role to creating parts in healthcare, aerospace, automotive, and other industries. New polymers are now being 3D printed with technologies like material extrusion, photopolymerization, and powder bed fusion. The control of.....
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Patent Advisory

The Smartech Additive Manufacturing Patent Advisory Service

Patents are a significant issue for the additive manufacturing sector.  While patent expiration has played a strong role in the overall growth of the industry many 3D printers (from the filament, to the printer heads, software, and circuitry) and 3DP materials are covered by or subject to considerable intellectual property (IP) protection. And the filing.....
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