Published November 2018
Service # Service # ST-AM-AMSB

The SmarTech Additive Manufacturing Service Bureaus Advisory Service provides intelligent market segmentation, quantification, opportunity forecasting, and insights around the “final frontier” of additive manufacturing -part production and related services.  SmarTech Publishing has once again engaged in an industry-first in its latest efforts to quantify additive manufacturing (AM) parts printing services and related opportunities for its advisory.....

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Published October 2017
Service # ST-AM-PASs

Additive manufacturing (AM) of polymers is where the 3D printing industry began. But this sector is profoundly changing as it shifts from a prototyping role to creating parts in healthcare, aerospace, automotive, and other industries. New polymers are now being 3D printed with technologies like material extrusion, photopolymerization, and powder bed fusion. The control of.....

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Published October 2017
Service # ST-AM-PAS

Patents are a significant issue for the additive manufacturing sector.  While patent expiration has played a strong role in the overall growth of the industry many 3D printers (from the filament, to the printer heads, software, and circuitry) and 3DP materials are covered by or subject to considerable intellectual property (IP) protection. And the filing.....

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Published October 2017
Service # SMP-SERVICE-METAL-0216

Additive manufacturing (AM) of metals is changing the future of manufacturing, delivering on the promises of digital manufacturing and mass customization and providing supply chain improvements with on-demand strategies. Many of the world’s metals firms are now diverting long term investments to AM-oriented manufacturing. The SmarTech Metal Additive Manufacturing Research & Advisory Service is the.....

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