Published July 2018
Report # SMP-AM-POLY-0718

This new report on additive manufacturing with polymers and plastics is the fourth in an ongoing annual series produced by SmarTech Publishing.  The report tracks the market progress by key polymer printing technology segment, based on the growing industry support of multidisciplinary polymer printing strategies. This report features deep dive analysis and market data in.....

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Published April 2018
Report # SMP-AM-AMMP-0418

Hello! Are you reading this in 2019? If you have any questions or you’re interested in this report and its contents, be sure to get in touch with us to find out whether there is a newer version coming soon. Fill out the contact form below with any questions you may have, and we’ll be.....

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Published March 2018
Report # SMP-AM-AMPM-0318

In this new report SmarTech Publishing maps and quantifies the use of precious metals in additive manufacturing. The report differentiates between alloys used as atomized powders for powder bed fusion processes and those (mainly silver) used as nanoparticle inks for 3D printed electronics. The report further breaks down its analysis and forecasts for specific alloys including.....

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Published February 2018
Report # SMP-AM-ALUMINUM-18-0118

In this new report, SmarTech Publishing maps and quantifies the use of aluminum alloys in additive manufacturing. The report differentiates between alloys that were originally developed for die-casting applications (and are now being optimized for AM) and a new family of AM-specific alloys such as the popular new Scalmalloy supplied by APWorks (Airbus) and its.....

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Published August 2017
Report # SMP-AM-CER17-0817

Few materials in the world of manufacturing offer as wide a range of applications opportunities as ceramics. When it comes to additive manufacturing, the wide range of ceramic applications and material types is further expanded by the even wider range of different additive manufacturing processes that have been – and are continuously – researched, validated.....

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Published April 2017
Report # SMP-BPM2017-0417

SmarTech believes that the potential for the bioprinting sector has increased considerably in the past couple of years.  What we are seeing is that (1) bioprinters themselves have technologically matured and (2) they have also become more accessible in terms of cost to a wider target of users — low-cost desktop bioprinters are available at below.....

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Published March 2017
Report # SMP-3DP-JEWEL17-0317

3D printing finds is finding its way into just about every aspect of jewelry manufacturing, due to the widespread adoption of CAD software among jewelry designers.  Annual revenues from 3D-printed hardware, materials, services and software used in the jewelry industry is expected to top $900 Million in 2026.  Even in traditional jewelry manufacturing with vulcanized.....

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Published March 2017
Report # SMP-AM-MP2017-0317

See details of the SMARTECH METAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING RESEARCH AND ADVISORY SERVICE About the Report: The metal powder additive manufacturing market remains one of the strongest growth areas of the broader 3D printing industry, and is entering a pivotal year in its evolution in which a number of developments are expected to determine whether or not.....

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Published February 2017
Report # SMP-3D-POPL-2017-0217

See our new report: Additive Manufacturing With Polymers And Plastics 2018 Over the last two years, the polymer 3D printing industry has been in a state of tumultuousness marked by dozens of new competitors entering the market, partnerships for development of materials, and development of new print technologies. All of these and more have combined.....

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Published December 2016
Report # SMP-AM-NA-1216

In yet another first, SmarTech Publishing presents the first ever multi-market deep dive research study into additive manufacturing with nickel alloys utilizing powder based AM/3DP and other AM technologies. This study is complimentary to our research portfolio in metal additive manufacturing materials and related applications, and looks into the world of nickel alloys and the current and.....

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