Published January 2018
Report # SMP-3D-18DENTAL-0118

In 2017, 3D printing went mainstream in the dental industry. A number of high profile business ventures and acquisitions have continued to propel dental applications utilizing 3D printing technologies firmly into the sights of the largest dental services and solutions providers in the world. As the additive industry continues to transition, as a whole, towards.....

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Published November 2017
Report # SMP-AM-MD2017-1117

As the medical 3D printing segment continues to evolve in ways which set it apart from the rest of the rapid prototyping and industrial additive manufacturing markets, interest in apply various technologies into the fabrication of medical devices has grown significantly. On the success of the orthopedic implants, surgical guide, and dental segments, now other.....

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Published September 2017
Report # SMP-AM-PS2017-0917

3D printing technology has been a major revolution in the field of medicine primarily for its ability to much more effectively and easily create objects of a complex and detailed geometry with no significant additional cost concerns from one object to the next. Combined with medical imaging systems and digital conversion software, 3D printing has.....

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Published August 2017
Report # SMP-AM-CER17-0817

Few materials in the world of manufacturing offer as wide a range of applications opportunities as ceramics. When it comes to additive manufacturing, the wide range of ceramic applications and material types is further expanded by the even wider range of different additive manufacturing processes that have been – and are continuously – researched, validated.....

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Published May 2017
Report # SMP-AO-MI-0517

In the past decade, the orthopedic implant industry has been quietly revolutionized through the use of additive manufacturing. Today, the penetration rate of additive production of standard-sized implants is expanding rapidly.  In the future SmarTech believes the majority of implants will be produced additively, creating a new revenue stream for printers and materials as well as new.....

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Published April 2017
Report # SMP-BPM2017-0417

SmarTech believes that the potential for the bioprinting sector has increased considerably in the past couple of years.  What we are seeing is that (1) bioprinters themselves have technologically matured and (2) they have also become more accessible in terms of cost to a wider target of users — low-cost desktop bioprinters are available at below.....

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Published August 2016
Report # SMP-3D-16DENTAL-0816

The dental industry continues to be one of the strongest targets for development of new 3D printers, materials, and applications. Revenues from additive manufacturing (AM) in the dental sector have grown almost 12 percent since 2015.  Conversely, challenges in the 3D printing industry as a whole were weathered in part thanks to a continuing acceptance.....

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Published August 2015
Report # SMP-3D-MPM-0815

3D-printed prosthetics has often served as the poster boy for 3D printing, with (say) a 3D-printed hand serving to illustrate the wonderful things that can be achieved using 3D printing, however the capabilities of 3D printing in prosthetics are extending beyond just these often highlighted applications today. In this report we forecast the future of.....

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Published August 2015
Report # SMP-3D-MIM-0815

This report explores the revenue potential for 3D printed medical implant markets including a discussion of the latest trends and their commercial implications. Printed implants of standard sizings in hip markets are approaching significant volumes, with more implant types now beginning to reach critical minimum real world trial length to be determined medically successful. SmarTech.....

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Published August 2015
Report # SMP-AM-SURG-0815

3D printing is extremely well suited for surgical planning and modeling and has seen significant penetration to date through patient-specific printed models and surgical guides or tools. Primary market opportunities explored in detail in this report include printed anatomical models, which are advancing into a new hierarchical value structure thanks to use of low cost.....

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